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What is a Reading?

An astrology chart, also called a birth chart or natal chart, is a snapshot of the position of the planets on the day you were born. It contains powerful information about the types of energies you were exposed to at the exact moment you took your first breath.  It is intrinsically connected to you.  By interpreting the energies, you can begin to unfold a map that can guide you along your soul’s path.   Like any map, there are numerous ways to go in any direction; that is our free will.  I believe when we have a greater understanding of our personal maps (our birth chart), this can facilitate us to make more enlightened choices and help us to be more mindful.  ​

*Please note that all readings are held in person at my office location. 

Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St. E1

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In-Depth Reading  

90 Min /  £125

​We will begin to peel back more of the layers within your natal chart.  By exploring your chart in greater detail, you can gain more clarity and begin the process of connecting deeper to the energies at play.  

We will do this by taking a more methodical look at your chart and covering more of the prominent placements, the aspect patterns (how the planets engage with each other), the angles, (power points in a chart), the lunar phase and more.

This more comprehensive exploration uncovers more nuanced clues and knowledge. This will begin to unlock the enigma behind your life purpose, your personal obstacles and more.  By beginning to understand your unique cosmic code, you are gaining the knowledge and power to steer yourself forward in your life path.

solar return.jpeg

Solar Return Reading 

75 Min /  £100

We will begin your birth year by looking at the energies for the upcoming year.  This is a great tool to live more mindfully for the year.  The Solar Return will provide insight into the “flavour” of the upcoming year.  

What is the difference between a natal chart reading and a Solar Return reading? In a natal chart, you have this imprint for an entire lifetime, whereas your Solar Return chart is only active for the one year ahead. While a Solar Return chart is interpreted like a birth chart, there are certain planets, aspects and angles we look closer at to discern what is the focus for this year. Another factor in synthesizing a Solar Return is to compare it with your natal chart.  We use all of this to focus in on key points to emphasize for the year. 

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Chiron Reading

“The Wounded Healer”

75 min/ £90

Chiron is the centaur of Greek myth and namesake of a particular asteroid in the cosmic sky.  Chiron is the archetype of the Sacred Wound, the Wounded Healer, the Embodied teacher.  Chiron symbolizes our ability to confront and overcome the suffering and emotional wounds we experience, enabling us to subsequently assist others in their process of healing. Ultimately, what your Chiron placement will reveal is how you can transmute pain into power in your life. On the other side of your deepest wounds — that is, the fears, anxieties, traumas, and challenges you’ve endured — is your very own power to heal yourself and others by acknowledging, accepting, and embracing your courage.  Then you have the insight to be able to navigate your inner wounds, leading to greater self-awareness, compassion, and personal growth.

12 house past life.jpeg

12th House Past Life Reading

75 min/ £90

The 12th house is influential in past life astrology. Each of the houses have a specific meaning, and the 12th house rules the unconscious mind and all things hidden. Naturally, this includes past life astrology. The reason for this is that karmic memories sit in the 12th house. 

By starting with the 12th house, we may discover those pieces of our soul’s journey that are hidden or have gotten lost over time.  By following the breadcrumbs in your 12th house and throughout the other signifiers in the chart, we can unlock some answers and perhaps shed some light on any karmic debt you may have or lessons you want to complete in this lifetime.  Some astrological knowledge about your natal chart is required as I go straight into the 12th house.  

*If you wish to have this reading & have little or no knowledge of your chart, I recommend booking an in-depth reading first.  

*Gift with purchase
Included in every ceremonial reading® with Erika is the gift of the crystals that are called in to support the reading as well as a copy of the notes that are made during the interpretation of your chart.  These are yours to take home with you. 

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