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Hello, I am Erika!

I am an intuitive Astrologer specialising in ceremonial readings® of birth charts. I am based in London and hold workshops as well as in person one-to-one readings.

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My Story

I am an intuitive astrologer.  While my intuitive gifts have been around for as long as I can remember, my awakening was jumpstarted about 5 years ago, interestingly around my Chiron return. I felt led to astrology by studying my mother's chart after her passing in 2018.  Sensing my mom encouraging me, I pursued a path of awareness by gaining insight into the intricacies of a natal chart.


​I believe that astrology is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the world around us.  To quote Dane Rudyhar: “Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”  It’s my job to know this language and interpret it for you.  

There is nothing more enriching than diving deep into the multi-layers of a natal chart.   My work is to highlight and awaken the brilliance of your soul; to help you connect on a deeper level to your purpose.  ​I love that every chart has its own heartbeat and breath and that it organically transmutes with the movement of the cosmos and the soul’s growth.  My belief is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that guidance is available within the map of our birth chart.  

I combine the knowledge I have been acquiring about the complex nature of astrology with connecting to the birth chart on an empathic level.  My approach is to sit in ceremony with the chart and then begin to unravel the symbolism and archetypes to interpret what the cosmos is saying within the natal chart.  I have spent the last two years studying at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and I am working towards the diploma.  I am also a certified Embodied Level 2 Reiki practitioner.  

I was born in the USA but have spent the last 15 years living around Europe. I first arrived in Lugano, Switzerland, trailing my husband, Dennis, of 20 years and dragging my two kids along for the ride. My oldest, Madyson is now a senior account executive in PR in London and Sydney, my youngest, is pursuing a voice acting career.  I have also lived in Berlin, Germany, Sotogrande, Spain and arrived in London in December of 2019.   While this wanderlust greatly satisfies my Sagittarius Moon, I now feel like London is my forever home.  
Recently, while going over my birth chart (again), I discovered that my Venus line crosses where I now live in East London, which tracks with where I see my soul path going.   My passion for astrology comes from a combination of my chart ruler, Mercury, along with my Aquarius midheaven.  My mercurial energy also loves to teach others.  My belief is that everyone should have access to understanding the language of the sky. Having these astrological tools gives us perspectives that are unique to the planetary energies in our personal charts.

Ceremonial Readings®

What exactly is a ceremonial reading ?


As an intuitive astrologer, I connect empathically with your chart as I begin to interpret what your chart is saying.  So, my ceremonial readings® are in two parts. The first part is how I engage with your chart. I begin with smudging the space I will be working in, to clear the energy. I choose crystals that I feel will support the connection between your chart and myself; I also bring those same crystals to our time together.  I do a meditation to connect myself to the Earth and the Cosmos.  At that point, I connect to your chart and feel what begins to show itself.   I combine what I feel with the technical language of astrology.   This is how my interpretations come together. 

The second part of the ceremonial reading® is with the two of us, at my office in Aldgate East. I invite you to choose either a rose tea or sacred cacao for us to share as we initiate the connection to your chart together and open up our heart chakras. The ceremony, which is a sacred observance, is a way to honour you and your chart.  This space is precious, as it's your essence, and I work to respect that container.  I am inspired by times in the past when ritual and ceremony were a vital part of paying respect.  The ceremony is an important part of my work.  While the reading of the chart has technical and practical components to it, I believe the ceremony connects us to the empyrean, the highest heaven. 

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